About Sonehri Gas


Links International (Sonehri Gas) is a joint venture of Ali Akbar Group & Sonehri Group Pakistan having its registered office at Lahore. The group is engaged in pesticide business for the last 15 years and has earned a good fame in the business community.

Links International (Sonehri Gas) was established in 2003 and successfully put up its first LPG storage and filling plant in 2004. This plant was completed in a record time without compromising on safety and quality. The plant has an area of 4 Acers and is located at about 10 Km from Lahore. Machinery for the plant is imported from well reputed manufacturer of LPG equipment M/s Siraga France SIHI W. Germany and Corken USA. We can handle 100 MT LPG in a single shift and can store 180 MT gas as base stock. The company has arranged its own fleet of 10 # LPG bowsers of 25 MT capacity to ensure smooth and safe movement of product from the production source.

By the Grace of Allah OGRA issued us LPG marketing license in September 04 and we started supplying gas to our valued consumers in Nov 04. At present supply is made to about 30,000 consumers through our 50 distributors who are committed to operate LPG rules, which ensures safe delivery of cylinders to public. We also ensure that right quantity of gas is delivered to our consumers for which proper sealing is provided on each cylinder valves. These cylinders are designed according to DOT standards.

We provide excellent working environment to our employees and staff who are fully committed to strive for the best to provide neat, clean and pollution free energy in form of “Sonehri” LPG to citizens of Pakistan. We are making hectic efforts to enhance supply of gas to the remote and hilly areas of the country to promote healthy environment by saving the forest belts and wild life of the country

We understand that we are the face of the company; so all our sales teams go through comprehensive training in both customer services and sales techniques. Our sales force guarantees a quality service that leaves a lasting impression. Our main focus is to build a professional relationship with our client that leads to customer satisfaction, repeat business and referrals.


The plant is located at Nisar Ahmad Road, Off Ali Akbar Road, Near Bhoptian Chowk, Raiwind Road, Lahore


Links International (Sonehri Gas) has acquired the services of professionals in the field of marketing, finance, engineering and related fields, which will be a value adding feature of the project.


Links International (Sonehri Gas) is a subsidiary of Ali Akbar Group & Sonehri Group Pakistan and poised for innovation, hard work and positive approach. Links International (Sonehri Gas) will rise and shine, and prove nothing is impossible.