LPG and Safety Measures at Home

Today we find that LPG is being used in almost all sectors, domestic and industrial. It has proved itself to be one of the most cost-effective, less hazardous, environment-friendly fuels. Still due to some of its properties, LPG uses have been marred by accidents, which cannot be termed as sporadic incidents. LPG has to be used in accordance with certain safety measures. Incorrect use of LPG can result in explosions, fires, lost of property and most importantly, loss of lives. Do not neglect issues like leaking gas cylinders or tubes, damaged regulators, incorrect method of storage of LPG cylinders, etc.

  • Always check the rubber tubes associated with your LPG cylinders. They should not be damaged or found to be leaking. Change these parts on a periodical basis.
  • Store your LPG cylinders and tanks in places which have a flat surface. They should be kept away from direct heat sources. The LPG storage area or cylinders should also be away from direct sunlight, hail, rain, heat as well as dust.
  • LPG is now the leading source of energy used for heating as well as cooking in domestic areas. People should be aware of the risks LPG cylinder carries and should always abide by the safety norms.
  • Cylinders should never be placed in closed areas. At the same time, the cooking stoves should also be kept a little away from the cylinders and not immediately above it.
  • In case there is a suspected LPG leak, all the doors and windows should be opened in order to provide proper ventilation. The regulator of the LPG cylinder should be switched off and there should all attempts to get in touch with the LPG provider. People in the house should contact the distributor or the emergency customer service number to register the leak.
  • While the gas leak is suspected, all electronic gadgets and equipments, including all lights and fans should be kept switched off. Also, all the matches and lighters should be kept away from the cooking area or from the place where the leaking cylinder is kept.
  • People present at the place should immediately take the cylinder or the source of the gas leak to an open area in order to allow the gas to diffuse.
  • Children should always be kept away from the cooking area and most importantly the LPG cylinders.
  • Always remember that prevention is better than cure and so, do not neglect any of the safety norms which your LPG distributor informs you about.