LPG here stands for the liquefied petroleum gas which is a flammable gas used for several of the purposes all over the world as a fuel in the vehicles and in various of the chemical industry where the flammable gas is required. In several of the uses of the gas the main use of it lies as the cooking gas. The use of LPG in the cooking in Pakistan  is very much as compared to the other of the uses of it.

LPG is very versatile and can be used both inside and outside your home. LPG is the ideal fuel for cooking because it provides instant heat and you can control the temperature easily. It burns completely and without soot build-up so your pans won’t need as much cleaning. In addition to cooking and heating,  LPG can even be used outdoors for patio heaters, BBQ’s and also for heating swimming pools.The Sonehri Gas LPG cylinders are available in three variants:

With  LPG, we provide you with cleaner and reliable burning fuel that would best suit your energy needs Through our expertise and advanced technology.

LPG has a wide range of commercial applications ranging from heavy-duty cooking, heating, drying, refrigeration, incinerating, and more.

We  provide you with high-quality LPG, assuring not only safe and economical products for your energy needs, but also environment-friendly solutions ensuring increased productivity and lesser maintenance for your appliances.

We also pride ourselves with the technology and expertise to customize your LPG system based on your unique requirements. Try our 11.800 kg and 45.400kg cylinders  LPG now!

From brazing, soldering, ceramic firing, clothes pressing, die casting, drop forging, annealing to hardening, LPG has wide range of applications perfect for your diverse industrial needs. And because LPG is a readily controllable energy source, its versatility provides you with heat, light and power anytime and anywhere.

Sonehri Gas has one of the newest and most high-tech fleets of LPG bowser today that help guarantee on-time, in-full deliveries to your industrial sites. For deliveries, call us today!