The Future of LPG in Pakistan

With many countries like the United States, Italy, Germany, Japan and Canada to name a few switching over to LPG fuel, Pakistan does not want to be left far behind. Already, the Pakistan government has started spreading awareness with respect to the benefits of LPG gas. Government regulations have also made it mandatory for some public vehicles as well as private ones to use CNG or LPG as the preferred fuel. Not only are these fuels cleaner and greener, they offer the users multiple benefits. LPG has already been established as a highly versatile fuel which can be used across industries and domestic sectors alike.

The future of LPG in Pakistan is set to be promising. With more and more people coming to terms with the fact that they need to do their bit to reduce carbon emissions and protect the ecology, LPG usage has also increased and spread.

The domestic as well as industrial uses of LPG are on the rise and hence the LPG imports are also seen to be increasing, in order to meet the demands. Many fuel and power companies are also set to increase their infrastructure as well as supply with respect to LPG. Domestic as well as commercial connections for LPG are also seen increasing with each passing year. Yet, there has also been a steady rise in the LPG prices since the demand and popularity of this clean fuel has also increased manifold.

In spite of it being proved to be a better fuel in comparison with diesel and petrol, there is yet to be done in order to spread more awareness with the use of LPG in cars and small vehicles. Also, people should be educated and informed about the safety norms associated with this fuel which would help them prevent accidents and disasters caused due to incorrect use of LPG.