Top Ten Uses of LPG

LPG which is otherwise known as Liquefied Petroleum Gas, has many industrial as well as domestic uses. It can even be identified to some rare and unusual uses. Let us see the top ten uses of LPG or what we also know as Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

1) The top most use of LPG is to use as the main fuel for vehicles. It burns better than diesel or petrol and hence, the top most use for LPG is to use it as ignition fuel. It is also more energy efficient and is said to leave lesser damaging impact on the atmosphere and the environment.

2) LPG is also popularly used as a refrigerant. Since butane and propane are both considered to be energy efficient, LPG serves as a great hydrocarbon.

3) LPG is also used as a chemical feedstock.

4) Apart from being used as a motor fuel, it is also a great feul used for other purposes.

5) LPG is also used for agricultural purposes in drying processes.

6) As a great industrial fuel, LPG is also used in solution heating processes.

7) The other main use of LPG is as domestic fuel or what we know as cooking fuel. LPG gas is a combination of propane and butane. Even these individual components have many domestic uses. Like propane is used in portable stoves as well as barbeques and butane is used in deodorants and even gas lighters used to light gas ovens in the kitchens and even cigarattes.

8) LPG is also used in centralised heating solutions both for domestic as well as industrial premises. You will find it being used in carbon-based home heating solutions. Not to forget that it is also found to be used in commercial heating processes.

9) The paper industry as well as the food processing industry is also one of the top most industries which rely heavily on LPG. It has also a major role in the plastic industry and is even used in making explosives.

10) LPG is also used to produce electrical energy by running turbines.